2017 Bay Area UASI Equipment Requests


From a public records terrorist.

License Plate Readers:
  • Novato PD wants $25,388 for two stationary license plate readers
  • Walnut Creek PD wants $109,897 for stationary license plate readers.
  • Contra Costa County Sheriff wants $225,253.19 for mobile and trailer license plate readers
Skynet Project (includes video surveillance and LPR)
  • Solano Co. Sheriff/OES wants $2,080,944.60 to “to observe suspects and suspect vehicles in order to apprehend major offenders before they leave the county.  Unfortunately, one person monitoring 5 lanes of freeway speed traffic, assuming they even got there in time, is difficult.  This project would allow remote viewing and LPR technology to more accurately determine exactly when a suspect or vehicle has passed a beacon and give us surveillance to better apprehend or predict their behavior.”

Social Media Monitoring
  • San Jose PD wants $23,000 “to better monitor, detect, conduct electronic surveillance and investigate terrorist incidents.  There have been many examples where social media has been instrumental in providing intelligence to law enforcement during and post-terrorist events.”
Aerial surveillance
  • Sonoma Co. Sheriff wants $791,812.5 for “Aerial Intelligence and Communication Systems”
Armored Vehicles
  • San Francisco PD wants $184,876.09 for a “Tactical Unmarked Armored Suburban”
  • San Francisco PD wants $333,721.14 for a BEARCAT (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck) MedCat – comes with “roof hatch with a gunner’s stand, gun ports”
  • San Ramon PD wants $227,850 for an armored personnel carrier (Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport) from The Armored Group that seats 12 and “Rotating turret with multiple locking positions”
  • San Mateo Co. Sheriff wants $327,750 for a “Tactical Intervention Vehicle”
  • Marina PD wants $296,546.39 for a BEARCAT for the (Monterey Peninsula Special Response Unit, aka SWAT)
  • Petaluma PD wants $352,639.02 for a Lenco BEARCAT G2An armored personnel carrier
Electronic Service Vehicle
  • Oakland PD has two grant applications for $99,999.78 and $49,999.89 for an “Electronic Services Unit Equipment Vehicle” “to store and transport electronic equipment including robots used for remote detection and manipulation of materials.”
General Surveillance
  • Contra Costs Co. Sheriff wants $223,218.14 for “enhanced vision and video optic capabilities, including night vision goggles for tactical operators, pole cameras, video fiber optics, and `through wall` sensors.” for SWAT team.
  • San Jose PD wants $71,000 for pole cameras “to better monitor, detect, conduct surveillance and investigate terrorist incidents such as the Boston Marathon Bombing and New Jersey Military 5k Run where cameras were instrumental in providing intelligence to law enforcement.”
  • Oakland PD wants $160,000 for a helicopter simulator.

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