The Day of Many Votes


On July 11, a whole bunch of good things happened: Alameda’s Board of Supervisors formally convened a working group to draft a surveillance transparency ordinance for Alameda County; SB-21 (the statewide surveillance transparency ordinance) passed the Assembly Privacy committee – the last policy committee it will face and the 6th consecutive positive vote in Sacramento; and Oakland’s Public Safety committee recommended unanimously the termination of the OPD-ICE agreement and to place all other federal law enforcement agreements under the direct oversight of the City’s Privacy Advisory Commission.

Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan’s interview regarding her proposal to sever ties with ICE is here.

“Let’s have a public conversation so we can determine for ourselves where the lines are drawn,” Hofer said. (Alameda County Surveillance Ordinance)

The Oakland Public Safety Committee voted unanimously to sever ties with ICE, and reign in the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. “Tangling local law enforcement with ICE is a threat to civil rights and safety of all people,” said Tessa D’Arcangelew, a representative of the ACLU of Northern California, which supported the legislation.


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