August Oakland ICE Raid Started Deportation Proceeding – No Criminal Evidence


As reported on IndyBay by Dave Id:


ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) unit raided the home of a West Oakland Latina family on August 16. Oakland police claim their only role was blocking street traffic while the raid was conducted, but it’s hard to take anything Oakland police say at face value when both ICE and the Oakland police department have lied about the incident. Defensive about the raid, Oakland police first smeared the family with a salacious and blatantly untrue allegation while the raid was still in progress — and OPD Chief Anne Kirkpatrick continues to spread falsehoods about the matter, inferring at a recent town hall that one brother was charged for trafficking his younger sibling. Bigger picture, both ICE and OPD publicly promote a false distinction between ICE’s criminal investigation and immigration enforcement functions, whittling away at the value of Oakland as a “sanctuary city.”


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