Privacy Advisory Commission Investigation of Oakland ICE Raid Concludes Violation of Sanctuary City Policy


*Oakland’s Public Safety Committee will take up the ICE raid on November 14 at 6pm at City Hall after chair Desley Brooks and at-large council rep Rebecca Kaplan asked for the report. The Chief of Police is expected to attend.*

After completing an investigation of the West Oakland ICE raid of August 16, Oakland’s Privacy Advisory Commission concluded that “all evidence presently known supports that the Oakland Police Department participated in a raid on August 16 that led only to a civil immigration arrest, in violation of Oakland’s Sanctuary City policy and OPD Immigration Policy 415.”

The Commission unanimously recommended that the City Council require the Oakland Chief of Police present a report on this raid to the Council at a public hearing.

The investigation further concluded that “of the nine most material representations on the matter made by the Oakland Chief of Police, research supported that six were false and one more is likely false.”

Video of the Privacy Advisory Commission Public Hearing on October 5, 2017

The investigation findings and exhibits can be read here.



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