Oakland Turns Out For Long-Delayed ICE Raid Hearing



On November 28, after waiting for hours as the last item on the agenda, Oaklanders spoke up loudly about sanctuary city and ending all collusion, assistance or cooperation with Trump’s ICE.

A sampling of videos from the public comment session can be watched here. 

The public hearing followed a letter of inquiry from Oakland Privacy about the raid, Indybay’s comprehensive reporting, an independent investigation by Privacy Advisory Commission chair Brian Hofer determining that OPD’s assistance in the August 16 raid constituted a violation of the City’s sanctuary city legislation, an internal affairs complaint directed at OPD Chief Anne Kirkpatrick’s false public statements about the ICE raid, and an abrupt cancellation of the previously scheduled public hearing on November 14.

The city’s residents spoke powerfully about wanting city actions to comport with the values of the city’s residents and not federal xenophobia, racism and demonization of people of color and about OPD’s long and troubled relationship with Oakland residents. On the conclusion of the public comment session, the City Council indicated that a resolution by Desley Brooks and Rebecca Kaplan to end all cooperation, assistance, traffic control or interaction of any kind on future ICE raids would meet with council and mayoral approval. That resolution will be heard on December 5 at the Public Safety Committee.


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