What are the Practices of Those Concerned with Online Privacy?



One of Oakland Privacy’s newer members created, posted and analyzed an online survey of privacy habits amongst those predisposed to have an interest in online privacy:

An anonymous, thirteen–question online survey was conducted over two days on Nov. 2–3, 2017. 328 people responded. The survey questions were written by @ThatPrivacyGuy, the creator of one of the best sites objectively evaluating Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), ThatOnePrivacySite. Invitations to participate were posted on TOPS.net and two Reddit forums focusing on privacy rights, r/Privacy (Dedicated to the intersection of technology, privacy and freedom in the digital world) & r/PrivacyToolsIO (PrivacyTools.IO provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance). Respondents were self–selecting, not random. 

Among the more interesting findings:

  • More than 50% use PGP or a variant (Pretty Good Privacy, an email encryption methodology)
  • 28% use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • By a five to one margin, they use Firefox over Chrome, and essentially no one uses Internet Explorer.

Check out the full survey results and analysis here.


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