Opting Out Of License Plate Scanning



Update: SB 712 failed to pass the CA State Senate on January 30, 2018

A bill before the CA State Legislature, SB 712, would make it easier to exercise your legal right to opt out of automatic license plate scanning when your vehicle is parked. Californians can already cover their whole car, including the license plate, but are not currently allowed to cover just the license plate itself. Sensitive data can be exposed by geolocation at certain kinds of places including reproductive health clinics, worshipping at mosques, Sikh temples, synagogues or other minority religious institutions, oncolology or cancer treatment center, or purchasing cannabis. License plate readers located outside consulates can profile people who may be undocumented

If you’d like to make it easier to park your car somewhere without a picture of it sent to Homeland Security, use this easy action alert.¬†

Here is Oakland Privacy’s Letter of Support for Senate Bill 712.

Oakland Privacy Letter of Support - SB 712

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