City of Alameda Rejects ALPR Contract With Vigilant


In the wake of recent revelations that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), after years of trying, had successfully gained enhanced access to Vigilant’s private automated license plate reader database, the City of Alameda cancelled a planned expansion of their Vigilant license plate reader system.

In a dramatic City Council hearing on the evening of February 6, vendor Vigilant flew out VP Brian Shockley from Tennessee, the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) sent a representative and the Alameda Police Chief presented for more than an hour. Privacy advocates from Oakland Privacy, ACLU Norcal and EFF spoke to the Council, along with Alamedans both opposed and in support of the LPR expansion, which would have blanketed every bridge and tunnel entrance or exit to the island. After midnight, the Council decided not to go ahead with the purchase from Vigilant.

They agreed to revise their policy, consider another RFP. protect their sanctuary status and carefully consider surveillance impact going forward.


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