San Pablo Postpones $2.9 Million Dollar ALPR Contract With Vigilant


On March 19, a $2.9 million dollar expansion of San Pablo’s license plate reader system (already extensive) and a switch of vendors to troubled Vigilant Solutions was removed from the meeting consent calender, and then indefinitely postponed after local youth, Oakland Privacy and ACLU-Northern California voiced concerns.

The Council agreed to more community input prior to approving the expansion, including community meetings, and suggested the contract and policies be tightened to prevent 3rd party data sharing, particularly with ICE who signed a contract with Vigilant in January of 2018. One council member went so far as to suggest a million dollar financial penalty be written in to the contract with Vigilant in the event of a proven data leak that resulted in geolocation data being shared with ICE.

The indefinite postponment was voted in unanimously with all five Council members voting yes. San Pablo joins a series of California cities, including Alameda and Culver City, pushing the pause button on ALPR contracts with Vigilant Solutions.

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