Fusion Center Sharing Report From Vigilant License Plate Database


On June 5, 2018, the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC), the Homeland Security fusion center for the Norcal region, released via a public records request the sharing report for their account in the license plate reader database LEARN-NVLS, which is maintained by plate reader manufacturer Vigilant Solution.

The report (see below) listed 100+ agencies the fusion center is sharing its own license plate reader data with, including many outside the region (sample) –¬† Duluth Police Department(MN), the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Department (TX), The Grosse Ile Police Department (MI), The Pine Mountain Police Department (GA), Saugerties Police Department (NY), the Miami Police Department (FL) and the Gulfport Police Department (MS).

The Department of Homeland Security fusion center for Northern California was also accessing license plate reader data through the Vigilant system from a number of non-local jurisdictions (sample) – Lake Ozark Police Department (MS), Fort Lauderdale Police Department (FL), Bessemer Police Department (AL), Hopkinsville Police Department (KY) College Park Police Department (MD), Donalsonville Police Department (GA), Binghamton Police Department (NY), Dallas Police Department (TX), and East Chicago Police Department (IN).

NCRIC was also receiving a hot list labeled HSI-Master, whose source agency is unclear, but shares the initials of the Homeland Security Investigations division of ICE.






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