No DAC For BART – August 9th 9:00AM – 2040 Webster Oakland



On Thursday, BART police will propose a system-wide security dragnet for the Bay Area’s transit system. BART police are asking the board to approve the project in concept and authorize trials at Lake Merritt and Civic Center BART stations.

No privacy policy.

No civil rights impact assessment.

No data storage and access rules. 

No biased and inaccurate facial recognition on BART

No go.  

Email the BART board or come tell them yourself on Thursday August 9 at 9am at 2040 Webster in Oakland (3rd Floor).

We need a strong public showing on Thursday morning to tell BART that this will not stand. 

BART is planning to use the same platform that was proposed as the “brains” of the Domain Awareness Center  (PSIM). The plan calls for 2000 CCTV cameras to be converted to IP-based for geospatial tagging and advanced real-time video analytics, likely facial recognition technologies already proven to be inaccurate and biased. Agenda Item 5B on August 9 Meeting Agenda.

BART has sat on its hands and delayed the adoption of a surveillance technology ordinance approved by its tech commiitee in 2016. Now BART Police are attempting to rush through an aggressive new surveillance network with only 72 hours notice.

The Bay Area has rejected wall to wall surveillance every time it has reared its head.

There are plenty of common sense things BART could do with $15-25 million dollars to improve security on the transit system without treating every passenger like a criminal suspect.

The last thing Nia Wilson would want is her death used to increase the high-tech harassment of Black and Brown people.
BART is a subway, not a perpetual lineup. 

Tweet at hashtag #NODACFORBART

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Note* – BART staff and board directors have been contradicting each other in the press with BART spokespeople saying the system will not include any face surveillance and biometric tracking, and Director Nick Josefowitz (an SF Board of Supes candidate in District 2) telling the Chronicle that he intends to propose facial recognition be added to BART’s cameras. 

East Bay Express: BART Is Planning A System Wide Surveillance Network Using Video Analytics

San Jose Mercury News: BART Proposes 28 Million Dollar “Safety” Plan

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