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The Fight Against the Oakland Domain Awareness Center 2013-2016

2011 – City of Oakland – Request for Proposal Domain Awareness Center

2013 – Local Wiki Oakland – Domain Awareness Center

June 2013 – Staff Report to Oakland City Council   june-2013-staff-report-to-city-council

July 2013 – Ars Technica – Oakland Accepts Federal Funds For Vast Surveillance Setup

July 2013 – Oakland Tribune – Bay Area Police Agencies Make Use Of Big Data

July 2013 – Center for Investigative Reporting – Oakland Surveillance Center Progresses Amid Debate

July 2013 – East Bay Citizen – Proposed Citywide Surveillance Center In Oakland Is Delayed

July 2013 – East Bay Citizen – #OakMtg Hashtag Flexes Collective Political Muscle

July 2013 – AllGov – Oakland Port Surveillance System May Expand Into Entire City

July 2013 – Truthout – Surveillance State Prototype Exemplifies Mission Creep

July 2013 – Youtube: Oakland City Council: Entire Public Comment Session

July 2013 – Upfront: KPFA – Interview with Ali Winston

July 2013 – California Report – Oakland Seeks To Expand Surveillance Program

September 2013 – Government Technology: Domain Awareness Center May Bring Proactive Policing To Oakland

October 2013 – Russia Today: Oakland Dedicating Anti-Terrorism Funding To Surveillance Supercenter

October 2013 – New York Times: Privacy Fears Grow As Cities Increase Surveillance

November 2013 – Occupy Oakland: Oakland City Council Ignore The People (As Usual) And Votes To Move Forward With The Domain Awareness Center

November 2013 – Occupy Oakland: Domain Awareness Center Phase 2 At The Oakland City Council

November 2013 – Daily Kos: Oakland’s Big Brother Contractor Found With Its Hand In The Nuclear Cookie Jar

November 2013 – Youtube: Oakland City Council: Entire Public Comment

December 2013 – East Bay Express: The Real Purpose Of Oakland’s Surveillance Center

December 2013 – Alternet: Does Oakland Really Need A Hi-Tech Domain Awareness Center?

December 2013 – Oakland Local: Oakland’s Domain Awareness Center Will Make Youth Curfews Look Like Weak Sauce

December 2013 – Oakland North: Domain Awareness Center Stirs Controversy

January 2014 – Mint Press News: Privacy Advocates Ready To Sue Oakland Over Spy Center

January 2014 – Daily Kos: Don’t Sell Out The People Of Oakland To The Department Of Homeland Security

February 2014 – Daily Kos: Liberty Or DAC: A Struggle Against The Local Chapter Of The NSA

February 2014 – Daily Kos: Big Brother In The Bay Area: Why We Oppose The Oakland Spy Center

February 2014 – Daily Kos: Willful Ignorance. A report on the rally and march in early February Oakland Privacy put together, in opposition to the DAC.

February 2014 – ACLUNC: OPD Documents Expose Grave Potential For Abuse Of Domain Awareness Center

February 2014 – Occupy Oakland: An Offer Only A Quan Could Not Refuse

February 2014 – Occupy Oakland: 5000 Against The DAC

February 2014 – Al Jazeera: Oakland Residents Tell City “Stop The Spy Center”

February 2014 – Fred Hampton Jr at Oakland City Council

February 2014 – Occupy Oakland: Ding Dong DAC Wounded

February 2014 – NPR: In Domain Awareness Detractors See Another NSA

February 2014: Public Intelligence.Net: Domain Awareness Center

February 2014: KQED: Oakland’s Surveillance Center: Fact Or Science Fiction?

February 2014: Twit Wit Radio: KPFA: Mayor Quan Is Out Of Quantrol (Satire)

February 2014: Youtube: Oakland City Council: Entire Public Comment Session (4.5 hours)

March 2014 – Occupy Oakland: Lighthouse Mosque Press Conference On The DAC

March 2014 – East Bay Express: Oakland City Council Rolls Back The Domain Awareness Center

March 2014 – The Verge: See No Evil: Inside One City’s Quest To Kill Its Surveillance Program

March 2014 – SF Gate.Com: Oakland To Limit Surveillance Center to Port, Airport

March 2014 – KQED: Oakland Approves Scaled-Back Version Of Disputed Surveillance Center

March 2014 – Reason.Com: Oakland Vs. Government Surveillance

March 2014 – NBC-Bay Area: Oakland Puts Brakes On NSA-Like Surveillance Center

March 2014 – Youtube: Panel Discussion on Race, Technology and Civil Liberties – The Case of Oakland’s Domain Awareness Center at the Niebyl Proctor Library with Eddaan Katz and Cat Brooks

March 2014 – Youtube: Oakland City Council: Entire Public Comment Session (5 hours)

March 2014 – Vimeo: Allahu Akbar (Dustin Craun At Oakland City Council)

March 2014 – Vimeo: Tracy Rosenberg at Oakland City Council

March 2014 – City of Oakland Staff Presentation at Oakland City Council

April 2014 – Occupy Oakland: We Don’t Have The Videos You’re Looking For

April 2014 – Storify: Oakland Muslim Community Helps Stop Building Of Citywide Spy Center

April 2014 – Occupy Oakland: The Only Good Fusion Center Is A Star

May 2014 – CNN: Data Surveillance Centers – Crime Fighters Or Spying Machines? Also at

May 2014 – Oakland Magazine: Domain Awareness Center Blues

June 2014 – Brooklyn Quarterly: Veiling Oakland

January 2015 – Omni Oakland Forum – Domain Awareness Center

February 2015 – EFF Deep Links: Oakland Considers Privacy Policy For Its Domain Awareness Center

March 2015 – Occupy Oakland: Why Pay For a Port Boondoggle With No Benefit To The City Of Oakland

April 2015 – KALW: You’re Being Watched: Surveillance in Oakland

May 2015 – Daily Kos: Could Oakland Become A Leader Against The Surveillance State

Alameda County 

July 2015 – East Bay Express: Alameda DA Seeks Controversial Surveillance Device

September 2015 – CIR: Cell Phone Surveillance Plan Gets DA’s Support

October 2015 – Washington Times: Stingray Vote On Hold in Northern California

October 2015 – East Bay Times: Without Public Discussion, Alameda Must Nix Stingray

November 2015 – ACLU: Alameda County, It’s Your Move

November 2015 – East Bay Times: Alameda County Limits Cell Phone Surveillance Tool

November 2015- Oakland North: Alameda County First In State To Regulate Cell Phone Interceptors

November 2015 – Media Alliance: ALCO Passes Most Comprehensive Cell Phone Intercepter Policy

July 2017 – East Bay Times: Alameda County Takes On Surveillance Technology Regulation

November 2017 – East Bay Express: Highland Hospital Stirs Surveillance Concerns


Contra Costa County

December 2017 – KRON – Pittsburg City Council Votes To Allow Police To Monitor Freeway Cameras

December 2017 – KGO – Surveillance Cameras To Be Installed Along I-80, Highway 4


Santa Clara Surveillance Transparency Ordinance

November 2014 – East Bay Express: Controlling The Surveillance State

February 2016 – EFF: Santa Clara Weighs Surveillance Reforms To Enhance Transparency

February 2016 – UK Guardian: Meet Silicon Valley’s Surveillance Watchdog

February 2016 – Media Alliance: Surveillance Transparency Ordinance May Debut In Santa Clara

April 2016 – Mercury News: Why Santa Clara Needs A Surveillance Ordinance

April 2016 – Santa Cruz Sentinel: High Tech Police Spying Rules Take Shape

June 2016 – ACLU: Santa Clara Passes Landmark Law To Shut Down Secret Surveillance

June 2016 – Ars Technica: County Passes Law Requiring Approval Before Cops Buy Spy Kits

June 2016 – The Hill: CA County Becomes First To Restrict Surveillance Technology

June 2016 – East Bay Times: Surveillance Tech Ordinance Adopted By Santa Clara Supervisors

June 2016 – Palo Alto Online: County Cracks Down on Police Surveillance Technology

June 2016 – San Jose Inside: Santa Clara Passes Landmark Surveillance Law

June 2016 – Forbes: Security News You Might Have Missed

June 2016 – Mint Press News: How One California County Beat The Surveillance State

June 2016 – SCC.Gov: Cutting Edge Surveillance Ordinance Approved

June 2016 – California County News: Ordinance Puts Government Surveillance In Check

June 2016 – Occupy Oakland: Watching Them Watching Us

June 2016 – Bill of Rights Defense Center: California Communities Respond To Surveillance Purchases

June 2016 – Restore The Fourth: Victory in California

August 2016 – Christian Science Monitor: Predictive Policing Isn’t In Science Fiction

September 2016 – Peninsula Peace and Justice: Surveillance Is A Local Issue

September 2016 – ACLU: Interrupting Surveillance in Santa Clara and Beyond

Oakland’s Privacy Commission

January 2016 – KQED: Oakland’s Privacy Commission Could Lead Nation On Surveillance Oversight

January 2016 – Occupy Oakland: Oakland Will Be Establishing Privacy Commission

January 2016 – City of Oakland Commission Information

August 2016 – East Bay Express: Privacy Commission Holds Hearings on Stingrays

October 2016 – Oakland North: Cell Site Simulator Policy Passed by Oakland Privacy Commission

October 2016 – SFGate: Cell Site Simulator Policy Approved by Oakland Privacy Commission

December 2016 – Vice: Minority Retort: Why Oakland Turned Down Predictive Policing

January 2017 – Ars Technica: Oakland May Become Rare American City

January 2017 – ABC: Officials Look To Block OPD Access To Cellphone Data

January 2017 – Off Now: Proposed Ordinance First Step To Limit Surveillance State

February 2017 – Vice: Documents Reveal OPD Borrowing Cell Site Simulator

March 2017 – East Bay Times: Oakland Police Pact With ICE Questioned

May 2017 – East Bay Express: Oakland Poised To Protect Civil Liberties With Surveillance Tech Ordinance

May 2017 – EFF: Oakland Committee Advances Transparency Measure

May 2017 – ACLU: Oakland’s Surveillance Tech Ordinance Passes Out of Committee

May 2017 – 21st Century: Oakland Puts Surveillance Ordinance in Hands of City Council

May 2017 – AM New York: What Oakland Can Teach The NYPD

June 2017 – East Bay Express: Oakland Privacy Commission Urges Police To Cut Ties With ICE

June 2017 – East Bay Express: Rebecca Kaplan Sponsoring Legislation To Cut OPD Ties With ICE

June 2017 – The Intercept: How Sanctuary Cities Can Protect Undocumented Immigrants

July 2017 – KTVU: Oakland Committee Votes To Sever Ties Between Police and ICE

July 2017 – KPIX: Oakland Public Safety Committee Votes To End OPD Cooperation With ICE

July 2017 – East Bay Express: Oakland Takes First Step Towards Cutting Ties With Federal Immigration Agency

July 2017 – CAIR: Oakland Public Safety Committee Unanimously Supports Law Protecting Against FBI Overreach

July 2017 – SF Gate: Oakland Rescinds Agreement With Federal Immigration Officials

July 2017 – Courthouse News: Oakland Police Cut Ties With Immigration Enforcement

July 2017 – East Bay Times: Oakland Cuts Ties With ICE

July 2017 – Daily Kos: Oakland Deports ICE

July 2017 – NBC Bay Area: Oakland Police Department Severs Ties With ICE

July 2017 – SF Chronicle: Oakland Strengthens Status As A Sanctuary City

July 2017 – Next City: Oakland Doesn’t Want Immigrants To Fear The Police

July 2017 – The Nation: These Cities Are Putting Our Fractious Federal Government To Shame

July 2017 – El Observador: City of Oakland Moves to Terminate ICE Agreement

August 2017 – Williamette Week: Portland Police Chief Defended ICE Agreement

September 2017 – EB Times: Oakland Names New Chief Privacy Officer

October 2017 – East Bay Express: Oakland Police Agreements Subjected To Greater Oversight

October 2017 – East Bay Times: Commissioner: Raid Violated Oakland Sanctuary City Policy


Deport ICE

October 2017 – East Bay Express: Oakland Police Chief Made False Statements About ICE Raid

October 2017 – East Bay Express: City Council To Hold Hearing on ICE Raid And Police Misinformation

October 2017 – Telemundo: Reporte: Policia Mintio Sobre Operativo De Inmigracion

October 2017 – OC Weekly: What Does CA Becoming A Sanctuary State Mean For The Undocumented

November 2017 – East Bay Express: Complaint Filed Against OPD Chief For False Statements

November 2017 – KPIX: Internal Affairs Complaint Alleges OPD Chief Untruthful About ICE Raid

November 2017 – East Bay Times: Oakland Police Chief Accused of Making False Statements About ICE Raid

November 2017 – KTVU: Complaint Accuses OPD Chief of Making False Statements About ICE Operation

November 2017 – Splinter: Oakland’s Top Cop Accused Of Lying To Cover Up Cooperation With ICE

November 2017 – SFGate: Complaint Accuses OPD Chief Of Making False Statements About ICE Operation

November 2017 – Univision: Presentan Queja Contra Jefa De La Policia De Oakland Por Cooperar Con ICE 

November 2017 – Fox News: Oakland’s Top Cop Probed For Assisting In Immigrant Arrest

November 2017 – NBC Bay Area: Complaint Accuses OPD Chief of Making False Statements About ICE Raid

November 2017 – SF Chronicle: Oakland Police Chief Under Fire For Response To Raid By Federal Agents

November 2017 – East Bay Times: Oakland Police Response To ICE Raid Criticism Put Off

November 2017 – Fox/KTVU: Oakland Hearing On ICE Raid Indefinitely Postponed

November 2017 – SF Gate: Activist Unhappy ICE Raid Hearing Postponed

November 2017 – KTVU: Kaplan Alleges Oakland Mayor Wanted ICE Raid Hearing Delayed

November 2017 – KPIX: Oakland Council Member Says Mayor Wanted ICE Hearing Delayed

November 2017 – KPFA: Complaint Against Oakland Police Chief Kirkpatrick

November 2017 – KTVU: Questions Remain About OPD Involvement, Hearing Back On Agenda

November 2017 – Oakland Post: Councilmembers Will Discuss Coverup of OPD’s Violation Of Sanctuary City

November 2017 – East Bay Express: Why Oakland Should Cut Off ICE

November 2017 – East Bay Times: Oakland Police To Address ICE Raid At Council Meeting

November 2017 – KTVU/FOX: Oakland Mayor Supports Cutting Off All Ties To ICE

November 2017 – NBC Bay Area: Hearing Slated To Discuss OPD Involvement In ICE Raid

November 2017 – SFGate: Oakland Officials Say Police Shouldn’t Assist Federal Immigration Probes

November 2017 – KTVU/Fox: OPD Chief Says She Didn’t Deceive On Ice Raid Involvement

November 2017 – East Bay Times: Oakland Police Chief Finally Responds To ICE Raid Criticism

November 2017 – Oakland North: Oakland Police Chief Faces Council Over Details of August Immigration Raid

November 2017 -KPIX: Oakland Council May Ban All Police Cooperation With ICE (Matier Hit Piece)

January 2018 – KPIX: Oakland Public Safety Committee Votes To Strengthen Sanctuary City Status

January 2018 – Daily Kos: Oakland Deports ICE 

January 2018 – KTVU: ICE Plans Major Sweep In Bay Area

January 2018 – KPIX: Oakland Mayor Says She’ll Go To Jail To Protect Sanctuary City Policy

January 2018 – East Bay Express: Oakland Privacy Commissioner Alleges Investigator is Mishandling Complaint

January 2018 – East Bay Times: Oakland Cuts Ties With ICE In Response To Controversial Raid

January 2018 – SF Chronicle: Bay Area Police Unlikely To Help ICE

January 2018 – Berkeleyside: Berkeley Could See ICE Arrests In Coming Weeks



Bullet Proof Warrior/Police Brutality/Urban Shield

July 2016: Occupy Oakland: Killer Cop Training Coming Soon To Bay Area

July 2016 – Bill of Rights Defense Committee: Bullet Proof Warrior Shot Down

July 2016 – CBS: South Bay Sheriff Cancels Bullet Proof Police Seminar

July 2016- NBC: Santa Clara Sheriff Cancels Controversial Training Program

July 2016 – Mercury News: Sheriff Smith Axes Bullet Proof After Outcry

July 2016 – East Bay Express: Controversial Bullet Proof Training Cancelled By Sheriff

August 2016: AFSC: Small Win Of A High Calibre

August 2016 – Reason: Bullet Proof Warrior Police Training Cancelled

September 2016 – Business Insider: Award Winning Documentary on Police Militarization 

February 2017 – Mother Jones: Are You Prepared To Kill Somebody?

September 2017 – East Bay Times: Berkeley Allows Police To Pepper Spray Violent Protesters

September 2017 – East Bay Express: Right Wing Extremist Group Had Booth At Urban Shield

September 2017 – KTVU: What Exactly Is Urban Shield Preparing Law Enforcement For?

November 2017 – Daily Cal: Berkeley Officials Call For Increased Transparency on Police Use of Force

November 2017 – Daily Planet: Police Reform is Possible – And Crucial



May 2017: Truthout: Local Movements Demand Disclosure of Police Technologies

May 2017: San Diego Union-Tribune: Public In Urgent Need of Surveillance Transparency

May 2017: EFF Deeplinks: A California Mayor’s First Hand Account of the Need for Surveillance Transparency

June 2017: The Verge: Inside The Nationwide Campaign To Curb Police Surveillance

June 2017: SJ Mercury News: Should Police Be Able To Buy Spying Equipment Without Telling Anyone? No Way

June 2017: Orange County Register: Require Approval For Police To Use New Surveillance Technologies

August 2017: Orange County Register: Privacy Trumps The Expedience of Police Technology Tools

August 2017: Wired: How Peter Thiel’s Secretive Data Company Pushed Into Policing

August 2017: ACLU: A Promising California Bill Could Help Communities

August 2017: LA Times: CA Passed A Bill Boosting Police Transparency

August 2017: San Diego Union-Tribune: Public Should Know How Police Are Using Spying Tools