Author: JP Massar

Oakland’s Cell Tower Simulator (Stingray) Policy is the Gold Standard.


Brian Hofer writes to the Oakland City Council, describing the Cell Phone Tower Simulator (aka Stingray) Use Policy the Oakland Privacy Advisory Committee and the Oakland Police arrived at.  The policy was adopted by the Oakland City Council at their February 7th, 2017, meeting.


There is no policy regarding cell site simulators in existence even remotely close to Oakland’s, as to the narrowness of allowable use, oversight, and transparent reporting. Although I was proud of what we accomplished with Alameda County in breaking new ground, the Oakland policy far exceeds all standards at the federal, state, or local level:


The BBC Gives Oakland Privacy Its Due

The city council’s decision to limit the DAC was a victory for Oakland Privacy and Hofer, who has since been elected chair of the city’s first Privacy Advisory Commission, which has been given the task of scrutinising every new piece…

Oakland vs. Big Data Brother

British author Timandra Harkness took note of our success in the Bay Area, featuring the work of Oakland Privacy as Chapter 8 of her new book Big Data: Does Size Matter? An updated and truncated online version of our work is here.…