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2017 Bay Area UASI Equipment Requests

From a public records terrorist. License Plate Readers: Novato PD wants $25,388 for two stationary license plate readers Walnut Creek PD wants $109,897 for stationary license plate readers. Contra Costa County Sheriff wants $225,253.19 for mobile and trailer license plate…

Berkeley Law panel on Stingrays

On March 8, 2017 at 12:45pm, panelists Professor Catherine Crump, Steve Trush, and Oakland Privacy member Brian Hofer will speak at the Berkeley Information Privacy Law Association’s “What are Stingrays?”, regarding cell site simulator use by law enforcement. Watch the…

Oakland’s Cell Tower Simulator (Stingray) Policy is the Gold Standard.


Brian Hofer writes to the Oakland City Council, describing the Cell Phone Tower Simulator (aka Stingray) Use Policy the Oakland Privacy Advisory Committee and the Oakland Police arrived at.  The policy was adopted by the Oakland City Council at their February 7th, 2017, meeting.


There is no policy regarding cell site simulators in existence even remotely close to Oakland’s, as to the narrowness of allowable use, oversight, and transparent reporting. Although I was proud of what we accomplished with Alameda County in breaking new ground, the Oakland policy far exceeds all standards at the federal, state, or local level: